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Maren Perry Join Maren for a free webinar on Coaching for Performance: Propelling your Leaders through Thoughtful Use of Coaching Techniques.

On November 19th at 1pm ET , Maren will be speaking on coaching for performance

In any Organization the need to develop the next level of talent is critical.  In the next level of leadership,  leaders need to be aware , to understand people better and they need to be able to think more broadly than those many levels down within the organization.  Coaching can provide the skills needed to transition someone through this process.  Join Maren Perry, MA, PCC , Executive Coach as talks about how you can coach for performance.

Who Should Attend this Webinar?

All HR and OD Professionals, particularly those who have performance management, coaching, or mentoring programs.   Anyone responsible for developing powerful and creative leaders within their organization will gain useful knowledge and tools by attending.

What will be covered?

Maren will cover the following topics in this free webinar:

              • Why do some employees just not seem to “get it” and do the same thing over and over?
              • How can you do to assist employees who seem “stuck?”
              • How can you set emerging leaders up to be constantly learning?

The webinar will explore

              • How to ask questions that will create a deeper awareness
              • How to establish a more open environment leading to meaningful conversations
              • Provide techniques on understanding how to move people forward and past ineffective thought patterns

Real life examples and case studies will be used to show the importance of different coaching techniques.   Webinar participants will leave with a better understanding of the value they can create within their organizations but utilizing the tools they will learn from Maren.

Please join Maren for this exciting event!

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