What makes an Executive Coach the perfect Retreat Facilitator?

What makes an Executive Coach the perfect Retreat Facilitator?

Running a retreat is not the same as running a meeting.  At least is shouldn’t be…

A meeting involves managing the day to day elements of a business.  An offsite is an opportunity to step away, to get perspective, to confront the larger issues facing a company or department.

If your offsite is planned to be a longer version of a weekly meeting, perhaps you do not need a facilitator.  It’s probably worth saving your money.

But an offsite can provide so much more than that if well utilized.  And offsite can:

  • resolve long-held resentments or frustrations
  • identify the things that are holding a department back from its goals
  • build a type of camaraderie that no one thought possible
  • inspire a team to double its capacity
  • create astonishingly bold goals and promises
  • reinvigorate a stale or tired team
  • revise a mission statement toward a new direction
  • foster new ideas and establish creative direction
  • heighten accountability and ownership

To lead that type of conversation, you want an Executive Coach.

An Executive Coach’s job is to have the highest level of conversation in the room, with the most perspective, then reflect that to their client so that the client can see themselves with new eyes.  When an Executive Coach does that with a whole team, you can move conversation along much faster and more effectively than on your own.

An experienced Executive Coach can not only facilitate the conversation to move it a long and keep you on track, but also a more meaningful conversation than you would have had otherwise. That’s what you want in a leadership retreat: expertise to provide something you can’t get on your own.

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