Lessons in Great Leadership

Arden CoachingBy Deborah Howard, PCC. We can learn a lot about great leadership through the example of New York State Governor Cuomo. In handling the COVID19 crisis, Cuomo has displayed all the essential attributes of a leader effectively managing change in uncertain times. Any organization or team leader looking for a role model can learn from him. So, what is Cuomo doing that others can replicate? Cuomo:

  1. Communicates with complete transparency. He shares what he knows and is candid about what he does not know. During times of change, one of the main ways to enable calm is to provide as much information as possible.
  2. Validates constituents’ fears and concerns and provides a steady, stable presence to help allay these feeling. People need to know that their fears and concerns have been heard and understood and to have someone help them hope.  In every email communication Cuomo sends, he reminds his constituents how resilient New Yorkers are and shares one piece of good news.
  3. Communicates often and predictably. Being able to count on when information will be coming reduces angst.
  4. Repeats himself and provides thorough explanations. When people are under stress, it often takes repetition for them to be able to absorb information.
  5. Takes decisive action to respond to needs. When people see their leader taking action, they know that something is being done.
  6. Is willing to move forward knowing that there may be failures. A leader has to take risks when fast action is required and be willing to adjust as needed.
  7. Thinks strategically and systemically looking forward rather than getting mired in details. A leader needs to be able to gather all available information, process and analyze it quickly and take definitive action. 

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