Leadership Starts from the Inside Out

By Deborah Howard, MSOD, JD, PCC

Often people who want to become great leaders attend seminars that teach them problem-solving, performance management, and decision-making skills. True leadership, however, starts from the inside out. In the words of poet William Ayot, we follow leaders:

“… not because of the things they have accomplished … but simply because of who they are … standing up there when the wave hits the rock, passing out faith and confidence like life jackets, knowing the currents, holding the doubts.”

Are you a leader who protects your team from the waves hitting the rocks? Do you give your team members the information they need to manage the currents? Do you inspire confidence and faith?  

If you want to become a great leader, focus on:

  • Transparent communication with your team
  • Empathy for individuals needs and concerns
  • Creating an environment that allows all team members to contribute to their fullest
  • Being authentic and with integrity
  • Living in alignment with the values you espouse

Who are you as a leader?

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