Kevin “KJ” Johnson, PCC

Executive Coach

Focus: Millennials, New Managers, Leaders in Transition

Kevin A. Johnson is an executive coach with over 19 years of experience in leadership development, group dynamics and practice-building. He’s a scholar-practitioner and lifelong learner committed to bringing out the best in you and your team using the best of human emergence technologies, and a whole-person approach to your development as a professional.

Known for his energetic, engaging delivery and authenticity, KJ specializes in developing emotional intelligence skills as you progress through your career, helping you “diagnose” your team’s dynamics, increasing your executive presence with your colleagues and clients–and designing a more satisfying integration of work and life. He’s brought his expertise to leading-edge companies like PricewaterhouseCoopers, Coca Cola & LinkedIn, along with many community and service organizations.

KJ co-founded a non-profit and led a three-year exploration of what makes humans thrive– across gender, ethnicity, religion and generation–creating a learning community of over 350 members reaching across the United States and into Turkey and Beijing, China. Since then he’s continued to collaborate with entrepreneurs, high school administrators, community leaders and global businesses to build cultures that grow leaders at every level. His grounded coaching style and deep listening skills have greatly influenced millennials, high performers and executives, alike. As a convener, he’s dedicated to getting the right voices in the room, shepherding change and enabling leaders to hold a higher vision of their teams and clients.

KJ is father to three emergent leaders ages 22, 19 and 14. His great, great grandfather was Oliver Lewis, winner of the first Kentucky Derby in 1875.  He’s into salsa dancing – actually, any kind of dancing, including breakdancing), live music, distance running (3 Chicago Marathons under his belt), acrylic painting and an occasional round of golf.

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