The Importance of Communication In The Workplace

The Importance of Communication in the Workplace

All completed work is produced by communication. We may not consider this when starting each day at the office, but communication is certainly key in all of our thinking and decision-making. There are three specific ideas that can help communication flow properly and help create a balance: tasks, influence, and career advancement. As we evaluate the importance of these different ideas, try to think of the multitude of ways in which you communicate every day.


Whether you are making an extra copy of an important form or planning a business call with a potential major client, you will need to communicate with both your peers and management. Your daily to-do lists will require effective communication of your needs in order to accomplish these tasks. Another aspect of this is timing. For successful completion of tasks of any difficulty, communication needs to take place in a timely manner. Talking to your potential clients and fellow employees should be prioritized, because the greatest results will come from the most straightforward and honest communication.

2. Influence

The direction a company takes can depend on effective communication, as each instance of communication will have an influence on the company. How effective your communication is determines how much influence you yield. For instance, if you can clearly articulate the reasons your proposal is the best direction for the organization to take, your proposal is more likely to be accepted than that of the disorganized presenter after you. Also, the style and frequency of your communication impacts how well you can be understood. Stronger communication has more impact.

3. Career Advancement

Careers are impacted by the ability to communicate. People who communicate better typically advance further in their careers because they are both easier to work with and make a clearer case for their own advancement. If you to advance in your career, think about performance reviews, reputation around the office, and overall character. When introducing yourself at a networking event, or simply sharing your career goals with a future employer, you want to be clear and concise. Others will immediately discover whether or not you are approachable in the workplace. Having emotional intelligence and understanding when (or when not) to speak will help your persona in the workplace flourish.

Pondering each of these specific communication ideas will help you gain greater insight and ultimately greater skill in communicating effectively throughout your career.

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