How We Recognize the Humanity in Others

By Karen Delk, M.Sc., PCC

What we learn as coaches are the importance of listening so that the concerns of others are understood. When tension and turmoil escalate in the world, our clients are not immune to what is happening, nor are we. At times like this, we challenge our clients to find how we cross the divide to see the humanity in others.

It requires we reach out and invite our clients to open up beyond the surface of their existence and we as coaches extend ourselves beyond listening to understand, but we search for connection. We build a bridge with our client understanding each of us comes from different points to the entry of the bridge of coaching. Bringing diverse perspectives as coaches, we make the journey of understanding and connection as part of our coaching experience along the bridge together.

The bridge serves as a structure which enables different functions such as advancing progress, making meaning and connections, and establishing stability. As a metaphor, a bridge between people allows the passage of ideas, it connects people who are in different places, it enables help to be connected, it opens up the opportunity to be helped, it reduces isolation, it is a more efficient way of getting to another point,  and it increases the range of options available.

Bridges are a helpful reminder that no matter what side or where we start at the beginning of the coaching experience, the coach is responsible for helping the client feel at ease in seeing, approaching, building and crossing the bridge in both a physical, emotional and mental sense.

In these times of great divide, I look forward to connecting with others to see their humanity by building bridges, moving to entry points, and creating options.

I hope you find the opportunity to recognize humanity, to find the joy in making connections, making meaning of the world with others.  Enjoy the journey.



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