How to Motivate Executive to Become Leaders

An executive coach will work with an executive to help them identify areas where they can improve as a leader and provide training to improve their interpersonal and communication skills, making them a stronger executive. But what if executives aren’t motivated enough to become better leaders? The company probably relies on them heavily, but they have even more potential that hasn’t been reached.

Find out how you can motivate executives to become better leaders and have a greater impact.

Encourage Training Sessions

Make workshops, seminars, classes, and events available to executives and encourage them to participate in them. Advertise these training sessions throughout the company. Also, make sure that they’re offered more than once. Only one session won’t provide enough information for executives to truly benefit from, so have training sessions available as often as possible.

Executives usually are excited about these opportunities and want to take advantage of them in order to improve their skills. They’ll also be grateful that the company is offering them, which may motivate them to be better leaders.

Trustworthy Leadership

When executives trust the leaders of their companies and believe that they’re looking out for their best interest, they’ll be more motivated to achieve in return. When human resource managers or top-level managers communicate expectations to executives and provide direct feedback, executives are more trusting and motivated to reach the next level.

Show Interest in Their Advancement

Arden Executive Coaching | How to Motivate Executive to Become LeadersBe interested in executives’ skills and their positions in the company and actively engage with them. When executives feel noticed and appreciated, they have a more positive outlook on the company and are more willing to advance.

Position Executive Coaching as a Reward

Don’t make executive coaching seem like a punishment to executives because no one will want to participate in it or they will feel disappointed when they’re selected for the process.

Set up executive coaching within your company as a reward that people look forward to. You can even tell them that when they reach a certain level in the company, they will be awarded an executive coaching program.

Seeing the program as a reward will motivate them to perform better so they can earn it, and they’ll also be more motivated throughout the program to improve themselves and become better leaders.


Make sure to recognize employees to the rest of the company when they do something successful or they will start to feel like nobody cares when they do something positive. This could lead to them believing that if they aren’t being noticed for their hard work, they won’t put in any extra effort. Regular and appropriate recognition leads to higher employee motivation and engagement.

Learn more about how to motivate executives to become better leaders by becoming involved in an executive coaching program. If you think executive coaching can benefit your company, click here to set up a consultation with Arden Coaching.
Arden Executive Coaching | How to Motivate Executive to Become Leaders