How to Get The Results You Want!

By Jonathan E. ‘Jeb” Bates PCC, MSOD

What is keeping you from getting to the results you want?Arden Executive Coaching | How to Get The Results You Want!

Are you unclear about what to do? Are you mired in procrastination? Have you tried things that did not work? Have you given up in frustration or lowered your expectations?

Many of my clients report these experiences when they are seeking to make a change, move in a new direction, or just keep up with what is going on around them. With the fast moving environment around us, if we are not moving forward quickly, sometimes we feel as though we are moving backwards. We feel if we don’t drive forward with action, we will never get what we want.

What if we are putting our attention in the wrong place?

Taking action is an essential part of creating the new results we want, no question. After all, if you keep taking the same actions, you are likely to get the same results. But are you taking the right actions to get you what you want?

The real power and effectiveness lies in expanding the options we see in a situation and the making effective choices about the actions we take. Focusing first on the options and choices creates better outcomes.

Ask yourself:

  • Am I choosing the actions I am taking because they are what I’ve done in the past rather than those that will create the future?
  • Arden Executive Coaching | How to Get The Results You Want!Do I tend to choose what is most comfortable, most expedient, or most convenient rather than what is likely to work best?
  • Am I failing to see all the options I have available or dismiss options too quickly?

All of these choices are the perfect formula for missing the mark. Our internal system (our “software”) always prefers we default to what it knows already. Yet, when doing something new, this works against us. By definition, doing something new means we have no past track record. It takes awareness and determination to look forward and face the uncertainty of doing something completely different. Want different results? Do something different!

Here are three simple tools help you improve how you use options and choices to your advantage:


Rather than jumping into action, take a moment and step back from the situation. How is the current situation similar to what you have experienced in the past? More importantly, how is it different? Keep yourself from seeing only the similarity and going down the same path. It’s the difference that makes the difference.

Remove the blinders

We all have blind spots – you, me and everyone else. If they are truly blind spots, how can you see them? Rather than take on everything yourself and being a committee of one, ask others you trust for their perspective. Turn to friends, coaches, advisors who you trust to give you the straight story. It doesn’t always feel great to hear what they have to say. Our “blindness” sometimes is intentional because the truth makes us uncomfortable. Yet eliminating these gaps of perception opens doors and creates options for getting the results you want.

Make the choice

This seems like an “of course” thing. Yet many people hesitate in making decisions (remember that making no decision or delaying a decision is a decision itself). Often the internal noise of assumptions, expectations, and beliefs keeps us from deciding and acting in a way that works. For many people, this sounds like, “What if I make the wrong decision?” “There is no good answer here.” or “You are wasting time, just do something!” Choose, but choose wisely. Make a considered choice.

Getting the results you want is easier, faster, and more satisfying when you look at the choices and options rather than focusing solely on the actions you are taking.

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