How to Find the 360 Leadership Assessment Tool that’s Right for You

How to Find the 360 Leadership Assessment Tool that’s Right for You: The right 360 leadership assessment tool or tool set can provide valuable information about your current skill levels and areas of improvement. While you may find that many 360s can be applied to your specific situation, not all provide the applicable insights that you need to move forward.

At Arden Coaching, we rely on a number of assessment tools to evaluate our clients and help them launch successful partnerships. Keep reading to find out the key to finding the 360 leadership assessment that matches your needs.

360 Hunt Step 1: Ask Yourself This Underrated Question

Most people don’t do much searching before selecting a 360 leadership assessment to take. But since every 360 is focused on evaluating different aspects of leadership, one that concentrates on a more specific skill may be better for your needs. To begin your research, ask yourself the following, often-forgotten question: What do I want to get out of the process?

With so many tools out there, you need to know what you want to get out of it. Are you looking to hone your communication style, find out how to better leverage your personality strengths, assess and improve your time management skills, identify better ways to work under stress?

360 Hunt Step 2: Finding a Successful Tool Matchup

Our 360 tools focus specifically on leadership, culture, and management. Check out a few examples where our coaches might link a situation to a specific tool or tool set.Emotional Management

  • Measuring Emotional Intelligence: Let’s say a leader noticed that she felt really connected to her team, but the general sense from them was that she was stepping on their toes. In reality, she was ignoring how her directives made them feel, so they placated her but never really agreed with her.


Here, we might recommend looking at an assessment to measure her emotional intelligence along with a 360 assessment to provide us with more general leadership feedback.


  • Assessing Workplace Culture: Maybe a team’s leader noticed that the environment in their office wasn’t on par with what they’re expecting or intending.


In this situation, we may suggest a culture survey assessment for either the leadership team or the whole department to assess specific gaps. This 360 method evaluates how employees view the present culture in comparison to their ideal work environment. Results can then be used to implement a customized leadership development plan.

Contact Arden to Discuss Your 360 Leadership Assessment Options

The above are just two examples out of many 360 leadership tools available to organizations. Remember that the most important part of choosing a tool that will deliver the feedback you’re after is to know what you’re looking to achieve from the evaluation ahead of time.

For any questions about the 360 leadership assessments we use or to find out which 360 match our coaches would suggest for your specific goals, contact Arden today to discuss your objectives and options!

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