How a Supervisor Can Measure an Executive’s Progress During Coaching

How a Supervisor Can Measure an Executive’s Progress During Coaching: Supervisors should have a good grasp of the status of your company’s projects and initiatives at all times. If you’re considering bringing an executive coach on board, you may be wondering how you’ll be able to measure your executive’s progress throughout the partnership.

The good news is, the executive coaching process is highly personalized to benefit an executive’s unique needs, and coaches are trained to be upfront with supervisors regarding the exec’s evolution in leadership. Here are three ways in which a supervisor can measure an executive’s progress during a coaching partnership, brought to you by Arden Coaching.

Coaches Set Goals with the Supervisor and Executive

Many executive coaching partnerships hold a preliminary meeting for setting goals and establishing expectations for the forthcoming partnership. In this conversation, the client, supervisor, and coach discuss the client’s personal goals, any areas their supervisor would like to address, as well as the coach’s suggestions for attainment.

Long-term goals are created and short-term strategies are formulated with the intent of being refined and set during the engagement’s first sessions. In this way, supervisors are involved from the start and play an incremental role in the engagement’s direction and impact, ensuring that executives are set on course for success.

Coaches are Transparent with Supervisors Throughout the PartnershipArden Executive Coaching | How a Supervisor Can Measure an Executive’s Progress During Coaching

Executive coaching partnerships can yield truly incredible transformations over their six-month spans. The beauty of this extended partnership is that supervisor updates are built into the engagement’s plan.

A good coach will be more than happy to share with a supervisor how the client is developing and what they’ve accomplished as a result of the partnership at any point in time.  At Arden Coaching, our coaches keep supervisors looped into how their executives are evolving, from the first week to the final session.

Coaches Help Execs Attain Short-Term Goals

Coaches ensure that executives don’t lose sight of their day-to-day initiatives. Supervisors can check in on specific projects and tasks and see how the executive’s progress with their routine responsibilities has accelerated since coaching has begun.

Coaches also keep supervisors abreast of how the executive stands via more frequent, intermediary (weekly and/or monthly) milestones. Executives can provide a report on what steps are coming next and incorporate supervisor feedback to action plans in order to take initiatives even further.

At Arden Coaching, we value the supervisor-executive relationship and its ability to enhance the coaching process. Because we see the supervisor as a vital contributor to the partnership, we always leave room for supervisor input and updates. Like the executive coaching process itself, supervisor involvement can be customized as you see fit.

Coaching done right can launch your executives to the next level of leadership and propel your business to the next stage of success. Want to know more about the dos and don’ts of hiring the right coach for your business? Check out Arden’s free guide to the 7 Most Common and Costly Mistakes Businesses Make When Choosing an Executive Coach.

Arden Executive Coaching | How a Supervisor Can Measure an Executive’s Progress During Coaching