Greetings from the WBENC Conference in Baltimore!

Maren at WBENC

Maren is in Baltimore this week at the WBENC Conference.

Over 1,500 Women Owned Businesses are here meeting with Corporate Partners, all of whom recognize the immense value brought to corporations by doing business with diverse partners.

Maren is here representing Arden Coaching, meeting with both corporate partners like Capital One, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and Johnson Controls, as well as other WBE’s (Women Business Enterprises).

It’s an exciting (and exhausting) event!

Some amazing facts:
1.Four of ten new businesses are now started by women.
2. Women owned businesses are growing at 1.5 times the national average.
3. Women owned businesses produce 1.4 TRILLION dollars in revenue.
4. Women businesses employ nearly 7.9 million people.

But there is more to be done – we support doing business with women-owned enterprises!

To read a bit more a on the value of working with Women Owned businesses, read HERE.

Arden Coaching is a proudly certified Woman Owned Business!

Arden Executive Coaching | Greetings from the WBENC Conference in Baltimore!