Gratitude for an Amazing Life!

By Dr. Nicole LaBeach, PhD, PCC. For most, this has been one of the most uncertain and anxious 12 months we have ever experienced. How do we respond as leaders, visionaries, motivators in this chaotic and often fatiguing time? Can we still hold to optimism? Can we still lead and see our lives through a lens of amazement? One that helps others see the amazement of life even in this tumultuous time.

Maybe now, more than ever, the blessing of life is indescribably amazing and worthy of gratitude! Though this past year has delivered grief, tragedy, and despair, joy and gratitude has not bypassed your address or street. Even with each of our realities, it is true. It’s the understanding that we hold the power to see, declare, own, and embrace that truth that makes it so. Not even a pandemic can remove the power to hold gratitude in the palm of our hands and declare we are the keepers, narrators, and orators of this amazing thing called life!

As leaders, we can choose to banish the illusion that an amazing life must be devoid of intense struggle, heartache, adversity, and challenge to be amazing! We can choose to see the amazing every time we say “yes,” “thank you,” and “well done”. We can even experience amazing when we’re at rest and when we’re being vs. doing! More than ever, I can see how accessible my amazing life is and accept that it’s up to me to see it. 

With every portion of my amazing journey, acknowledgement gives those I lead permission to see the same. No matter where I am, what is, or what isn’t, my gratitude for this amazing gift called life yields gifts that just keep on giving and serving those I lead. And, there are three components that can make a significant difference despite the obvious that surrounds us all:

Create a Positive Relationship with Self-Compassion

As a leader, it’s important to not be a stranger to self-compassion. In fact, the goal should be to become good friends — especially in this time. Who are you as a leader if you exercise the right to be compassionate toward your missteps, missed opportunities, disappointments, and things you can’t control. If you are a leader who chooses not to dwell, judge, blame, or criticize, what does it offer those you lead? Does being so help you liberate the genius in others and inspire greatness in their own leadership? Can you dare to offer yourself grace and understanding, then freely offer it to others? Together, self-compassion and compassion for others can give a clearer lens from which to fully see yourself and see how amazing those are who follow you. For more, read Arden Coaching’s blog post, “3 Ways to Give Yourself a Bit of Grace.

Recognize the Power of Perception to Significantly Inform Everything!

What’s the difference between the leader who thinks they can and the one who thinks they can’t? Nothing! Based on their perception, they’re both right! Even through a pandemic, we’re in charge of how we receive the world around us. Change, obstacles, questions, delays, yeses, and no’s — they all need your interpretation to tell them who to be! They’re all dependent on you to give them their value. That’s how amazingly powerful you are as a person and leader! Your perception offers the opportunity to see, hear, feel, access, and adequately respond. Whether or not we perceive it, each moment offers an opportunity of highlighted grace and amazement for each of our lives. The question is, do we perceive it?

Accept Your “Yes” as Priceless!

Do you own the power of your “Yes” as one that helps paint the canvas of your amazing life? Not yes to people pleasing, seeking validation, or overcompensation. But yes with an intention to engage in this one-time opportunity to fully lead and live your life on purpose! “Yes” to vision. “Yes” to connection. “Yes” to fun even in quarantine or masked-up. “Yes” to service. “Yes” to insight. “Yes” to laughter. “Yes” to healthier relationships. “Yes” to giving and receiving. “Yes” to self-care. “Yes” to forgiveness. “Yes” to vulnerability. “Yes” to grace. “Yes” to love. “Yes” to change. “Yes” to inspiring those you lead. “Yes” to developing others. “Yes “to taking a chance. “Yes” to whatever your amazing purposeful life is calling you to. As Spring arrives, this moment, this time, your yes is even more powerful than you may have originally assessed.

As we continue to move through this daily conversation of change in this critically unfair health pandemic, the question of how we measure our lives is still ours to measure. So today… I love, I lead, I serve, I breathe, and I have my being in a space of meaningful gratitude — I choose to see the gift of me and my power to be compassionate, clear in perspective, and open to the word “yes” in this amazing gift that is still my life! How about you?

For more about gratitude, self-compassion, and saying yes as a leader, schedule a consultation with Nicole.