Do Your Goals Align With Your Company’s?

When your personal, career, or overall goals align with your company’s goals, you are probably going to have an easier time getting up and going to work every day. Daily tasks may feel a little less mundane knowing that you have found the right fit and are assisting your company in accomplishing their goals. However, if your goals are not aligning with your company’s, you may feel entirely different about getting out of bed in the morning. Below are the steps in knowing whether or not you and your organization are in sync work-wise.


Identify The Company’s Goals

The first step in knowing whether or not a company is the right fit for you is identifying the company’s goals. Does the company specifically state the goals of the organization? Are they hung up on the wall in a meeting place or common area? Or are these goals summarized on the annual strategic plan? If you have knowledge of these goals, it will be easier to not only align yourself with them but create your own goals as well.

Also, remember to look around. Ask people who are currently working for the company what they think the company’s mission is. Bring up the company name in front of friends and see what they have to say about it. Look at the different projects your company is developing – can you see the “bigger picture” or overall purpose you have in the company?


Know Your Goals

Have you created personal goals of our own? These goals can range anywhere from getting a higher position in the company to meditating every morning before work. If you have your own set of identified goals, great. If not, you can work with an executive coach to identify them. Personal goals are what is ultimately going to drive your behavior to successfully complete tasks in the workplace.


Awareness and Action

After identifying both your company’s goals and your own personal goals, ask yourself: do they align? If yes, what can you do to continue moving forward and working towards meeting these goals? If no, how important is it to you that the goals do not align? You may want to consider the consequences of staying at an organization that doesn’t necessarily meet your needs. Think about how this will impact your future endeavors and overall happiness.

Always consider your company’s goals. Your short-term goals are going to change over time, but your long-term personal ideas may not – factor whether or not you are willing to alter them for a career opportunity.


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