Get the Truest Reading of Your Employees’ Happiness with These 3 Tips

Creating a company environment where upward feedback is just as welcomed as downward feedback can be challenging, but it takes much more than your standard online survey. Executives need to be transparent, authentic, and appreciative in order for employees to fully embrace their work environment. Not sure where your people stand? Get the truest reading of your employees’ happiness with Arden Coaching’s 3 pro tips below.

Reading Employee Happiness Tip 1: Ask an Outsider to Observe

Arden Executive Coaching | Get the Truest Reading of Your Employees’ Happiness with These 3 TipsStrolling through a company’s workspace is very telling of their culture. One of the best methods for gauging employee happiness is to bring in someone who’s totally new to your organization and ask them what they see. Your role in this activity is justto ask questions. Let the person observing report back to you and do most of the talking. Develop a list of questions ahead of time to ask your guest after their walk through the office. Include questions such as these:

  • How happy do you think people are to work here?
  • How can you tell?
  • Do you think the people who work here communicate well?
  • Do you think people are excited about their work?

Someone from outside your company sphere will be able to pick up on the overall mood and motivation level that they observe almost instantly. The candid, immediate responses you get from someone who isn’t an employee themselves can be quite eye opening.

Reading Employee Happiness Tip 2: Ask Your Clients for Feedback

Another way to tap into your employees’ happiness level is to ask your clients how it is to work with your company in comparison to other service providers or vendors they work with on a routine basis. Employees who are content at a company are engaged with clients and go above and beyond to provide them with creative solutions to challenges. Unhappy employees often fall behind in their work and don’t put in nearly as much effort. Asking your clients if they’re satisfied with the employees they interact with is a good reflection of whether your employees are happy overall.

Reading Employee Happiness Tip 3: Evaluate Employee Ownership

When people are happier at work, they tend to take on more responsibility. If you’re happy with the company you’re with, you’re more invested in its success and more empowered to own your personal relationship with the company. Rather than withdrawing and keeping to themselves, these people take care of and actively seek to add value to the environment around them. Evidence of taking ownership can include employees volunteering to clean up the kitchen or storeroom, showing interest in starting a club or company sports team, or planning team happy hours and get-togethers for outside the office.

Come On, Get Happy

As we briefly mentioned in the introduction, in order for executives to make their employees’ environment a happier one, they need to master transparency, authenticity, and appreciation. Once you discover your necessary areas of improvement through the activities above, it’s time to take action! An executive coach can help you to improve your personal gaps in leadership for stronger, happier teams! If you haven’t considered partnering with an executive coach, now is the time. Download our free eBook How Does an Executive Coaching Engagement Work? to find out if partnering with an executive coach is the right solution for your business.



Arden Executive Coaching | Get the Truest Reading of Your Employees’ Happiness with These 3 Tips