Four Keys to Self-Care

By Dr. Nicole LaBeach, PCC. As a leader, what does self-care look like for you? Now more than ever, the words self-care should be considered necessary and timely, though many of us still struggle to make it a consistent priority. The conflict to not see it as self-indulgent, selfish, and a host of other things is still very real. In the areas of friendship, love, parenting, career, and family, we can all see un-seized opportunities when it comes to taking care of ourselves. Each requiring regular check-ups to ensure we’re being good to them in the role we play. But what about you? Especially in this seemingly ambiguous and uncertain time. Together, there are four check-ins that will do just that — help you become even more of a self-care advocate that not only speaks, but lives as a healthy leader.

Your Health

Part of taking care of yourself requires being real about your health. What screenings should you be taking at this point in your life? What family history do you need to be aware of? And, if you have one — what about your partner’s health? Unhealthy partners can quickly become personal stressors of our own. Your ability to see prevention for you and them as a strategic part of caring for yourself can only serve as a win-win for you both.

Take a Joy Break

In such a hectic time, it can be easy to forget there are simple things that can still bring us joy. Giving up joy breaks even for a pandemic is not our healthiest option. Yes, there may need to be an alteration here and there, or even a bit more creativity, but choosing to see the positive return on joy is priceless. Whether it’s catching up with a loved one, or going back to simpler times to connect with positive memories, there’s a joy break waiting with your name on it. And, those who follow you will be grateful you did.

Identify Accountability Partners

Good self-care will often require a support system. Identifying one to two people (e.g., peers, family, partners, friends, etc.) who have your best interest at heart is critical —  Accountability partners will help you minimize the self-care struggle. With your permission, they will help hold you accountable to not lose sight of your best asset — YOU! Who plays this role in your life?

Eat Daily

What are you feeding your spirit and how often do you feed it? Being spiritually centered will always be key to being more in-tune with yourself and your care needs. A nurtured spirit can shift your perspective and how you relate to anxiety, unexpected circumstances, frustration, disappointment, insecurities, pressure, and inevitable uncertainties. So, what’s your spiritual practice?

Self-care is essential. There is value in honoring yourself. Doing so can give you a peace that not only personally fortifies and promotes positive well-being, but extends beyond you to inspire and affirm other leaders and followers to do the same.

For more about the importance of self-care, self-awareness, and leadership, schedule a consultation with Nicole.