The Executive’s Guide to Successful Offsite Facilitations

The Executive's Guide To Successfull Offsite FacilitationsCareful planning is required for any major event, and offsite facilitations are no different. When properly planned and executed, offsites can yield powerful results for you team, helping to strengthen existing dynamics, accelerate results, and pave the way for future successes. But offsite prep can become overwhelming, especially if you’re attempting to do it all on your own.

Arden Coaching’s free eBook The Executive’s Guide to Successful Offsite Facilitations helps you set up your offsite for success from the start!

You’ll learn:

  • When offsites are most effective
  • How and when to create intended outcomes
  • What to consider when hiring a facilitator
  • How your team can continue to reap offsite benefits long after the event

The final pages of the eBook feature a checklist of Arden’s recommendations for offsite planning and logistics. Print it out if you’d like and check it off as you complete the necessary items that will help your offsite lead to the best results.

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