Executive Offsite Facilitation

Maximize team productivity and performance with a powerfully facilitated conversation.

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Conversations That Spur Creativity

Arden Coaching’s offsite facilitation’s use a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires team members to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Prior to the main session, the facilitation coach meets with the team for an initial discovery phase. At this point, goals and strategy for the offsite are set in accordance with the team’s specific challenges and objectives. In order to design an offsite that meets the team’s unique needs, coaches get to know the team’s individual players and the current dynamics between them.

This personalized planning ensures that offsite time maintains a high-priority focus on helping the group’s contributors work more effectively as a team. At the offsite’s end, team members walk away energized and ready to implement the custom action plan they built together that’s centered on personal and team accountability.

Along with their new take on individual roles and responsibilities, this plan will direct and fuel the team’s future efforts, bringing benefits that will continue long after the event.

Our offsites give team members the opportunity to:

  •  Take a fearless inventory of the group’s progress and direction.
  •  Identify the underlying beliefs and attitudes that have produced the current results.
  •  Evaluate, strengthen, and align the team’s vision and goal.
  •  Build a powerful, deadline-driven plan for the future.
  •  Help each member understand his or her personal responsibilities in the new plan.

Offsites That Get Your Team on Track

Our coaches move your conversation forward so your company leaders can say what they need to say, distinguish what’s in the way of the team and company’s next level, and determine a strategy to ensure that the desired outcomes are achieved on deadline.

Think your teams are capable of doing more? Don’t waste your resources on anything other than a powerfully facilitated offsite.


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Teams that work together effectively produce results at an accelerated pace. But the reality is, many teams don’t operate at this optimized level. Instead of being proactive and bold, they’re passive, get distracted by the unimportant, or tend to blame others instead of owning up to their actions.

In the midst of your daily tasks and concerns, starting a conversation with these teams, especially from the inside of one, can be quite challenging. The most effective way to address these issues is to gather your team at an offsite.

The problem is, most offsites lack the powerful facilitation that helps teams to distinguish what’s in the way so they can move forward. These facilitation’s that don’t break the cycle of the team’s current line of thinking are simply a waste of time, energy, and resources. They often wind up putting the team further behind and leave coworkers feeling frustrated and drained.

At Arden Coaching, we don’t tolerate that.


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