Four Traits to Look for in an Executive Coach

Executive coaching can drastically change your business, improving executives’ skill sets and creating strong collaborations among employees. Executive coaches work with executives and encourage them to modify their way of thinking and adopt new perspectives so they can better approach business challenges.

There’s always room for improvement in business, especially when you could increase your company’s revenue. Hiring an executive coach is a great opportunity, but you need to choose the best one to work with your executives in order to achieve the maximum results for your business.

The following are four traits to look for when you hire an executive coach to assist your business.

Good Listener

Arden Executive Coaching | Four Traits to Look for in an Executive CoachAn executive coach needs to listen to what’s important to your business’ executives to fully comprehend what they want to achieve. Good listening skills will also help the coach determine the patterns, habits, and interactions that may be negatively affecting your business and of which you weren’t aware. If your coach isn’t listening to what you’re saying, then he or she won’t be successful in helping your business grow.


A good executive coach is passionate about what they do. They’re excited to learn about your company or your journey as an executive and to help you identify areas where you can improve. You want to find an executive coach who’s eager to work with you and help you improve your business. Avoid any coach who appears to lack of passion for working with you as an executive.


Executives must see the coach as reliable, sincere, and trustworthy in order to build a successful relationship over time. Trust is the core of any relationship and the one between executives and their coach is no different.

If any executive believes the coach can’t be trusted, the entire coaching experience will quickly be derailed. Executives need to be confident in their relationship with their coach as well as the coach’s process.

Achieving Results

At the end of the day, the main point of executive coaching is achieving results. You’re making a business decision to invest in your executive coach to help you gain the skills you need to improve, so it’s crucial to make sure the coach can deliver.

Keep these four traits in mind when evaluating executive coaches and remember to look at their background and experience. Find out if they offer case studies or testimonials so you can get an idea of how they’ve helped other businesses. It’s also crucial to meet with several coaches to find out which coach’s style fits best you and your company.

If you believe that your business could benefit from executive coaching, click here to visit Arden Coaching’s website. Whether you’re interested in enhancing leadership skills for individual employees or creating effective strategies to improve the business as a whole, executive coaching can help to get your company on the right track.