Executive Coaching Takes Entrepreneurs to the Next Level

By Elisa Canova, MBA, PCC.

Entrepreneurs are driven, passionate, and want to succeed — but can they see when they are getting in their own way?

Self-awareness is a critical skill for successful leaders. Yet, in the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, it can feel tough, if not impossible, to carve out the time to clearly see the impact our choices have on ourselves and those around us. World-renowned executive coach Marshall Goldsmith highlighted the importance of self-awareness in his 2010 article in the Harvard Business Review, calling it the “one key trait” of a great leader.

High performers often have a sense that they could be better in some way, and changes could be made that would have a significant impact, but it can feel daunting to add more to an overflowing plate. However, ignoring the critical component of self-knowledge bears a high cost as it can be the lynchpin that separates those who survive from those who truly thrive.

How Executive Coaching Help Entrepreneurial and Leadership Skills

Executive coaching offers the opportunity for entrepreneurs to improve their entrepreneurial and leadership skills. It has a supportive professional to facilitate the process of self-awareness and helps translate new perspectives into demonstrable results. What is currently hidden from view is revealed, and with that comes the opportunity to make different moves that simply were not available previously. A coach can help a client get clear on what they want, what’s missing, and how to remove what’s in the way so that goals can be reached. 

Investing in coaching is exactly that — an investment not only in money but also in time. In a nutshell, coaching is about learning, and while that doesn’t happen overnight it can be expedient and focused. The process will be challenging and confronting at times, but through new insights, actions, and practices coaching clients can create ways of being that are truly transformative. A coaching relationship allows entrepreneurs to create and reach goals that align with their values and views of success, and to bring what was once viewed as impossible into the realm of the possible. 

Take the Next Step

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