Navigating the Seasons of Change: Effective Energy Management

By Minji Wong, MA

As the leaves continue to change color and fall to the ground, so does the change of season from fall to winter. Similarly, for every change we experience in our daily lives, we transition through metaphorical seasons of fall, winter, spring or summer that may not have to match the actual season we are experiencing in nature. Metaphorically, here are how some seasons can be represented:

  • Fall: a shift to what’s to come, planning, preparation 
  • Winter: reflection, introspection, pause
  • Spring: executing and sowing the seeds- bursting into bloom
  • Summer: harvesting and celebrating the work 

What season are you in? How is it showing up for you? Understanding where you may be in your career/life journey can help you become aware of the energy management you may need to navigate this change. 

Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

Tony Schwartz, a New York Times bestselling author, argues that rather than focus on managing time — which is truly finite with 156 hours of the week — we should narrow energy management. And there are various types of energy we may manage:

Physical: The foundation of all other dimensions of energy comprised of sleep, fitness, nutrition, and intermittent daytime rest and renewal.

Mental: Learning to focus in an absorbed way and switching intentionally between tactical and big-picture thinking.

Emotions: Learning to cultivate the specific emotions associated with high performance — because how people feel profoundly influences how they perform.

Spirit: Derived from serving something larger than oneself, or connection/purpose to work.

Focusing on what fuels you — rather than time is the key ingredient. Taking renewal breaks such as a 5-minute fuel or stretch break in-between meetings, along with much-needed longer recharge breaks (think weekend breaks or vacations) can set you up for success.

Here’s an energy audit that helps you understand where you may be deficient. By understanding your energy deficits, you can focus on which pillars to prioritize.  Understanding what season of change you’re in is important to moving towards your goals. Pairing it with the right kind of energy is priceless.

Energy Management: Take the Next Step

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