Effectively Dismiss Pre-Presentation Jitters with These Speaking Tips from the Pros

Do you get anxious moments before you step up to the mic? Getting into the ideal mindset for a successful presentation is something that we’ve all struggled with at one time or another.

Check out Arden Coaching’s post for five speaking tips from the pros that can help you effectively dismiss pesky pre-presentation jitters.

Speaking Tip #1: Breathe Deeply

“Take a deep breath” seems to be the ever-prescribed remedy for getting anyone to calm down. Ever take note of your breathing when your anxiety levels were on the rise? If you have, you probably know that when we’re nervous, we tend to take shallow breaths at the top of our chests. Taking deep, full breaths that come from down in your stomach helps you to slow down your heart rate so you can conjure a calmer, more focused demeanor.

Speaking Tip #2: Identify the Worst Possible Scenario

Presentation JittersWorried about Murphy’s Law sneaking in during your talk? Take some time to actually think about what that might involve—the worst case scenario that could come out of your presentation going south. You could what—be fired on the spot, have pens thrown at you, that sort of thing? Now ask yourself, would you survive? Yes? Well, you don’t have too much to worry about then.

Speaking Tip #3: Focus on a Positive Outcome

When we have to put ourselves in front of people for an important discussion, our minds tend to dwell in negative territory, and then the actual event goes poorly because we’re thinking too much about what could go wrong rather than what could go right. Think about your intention rather than your fears and you’ll be able to replace your nerves with confidence. And didn’t we just figure out that even if your presentation totally flops, you’ll still survive? Yeah, you’ve got this.


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Speaking Tip #4: Act as If

The moments before you take the stage, front room, or auditorium floor can be the ones that are the most anxiety-ridden. Acting as if is a way to dismiss doubts and welcome inspiration. If you were really confident, what would you do? You would walk out there, greet your audience, and nail every point you prepped to discuss. See that? Now you have a plan for how to make it all happen.

Speaking Tip #5: Eat a Banana

Certain foods actually can help to keep your heart from beating out your chest. Potassium is a nutrient that naturally contains beta blockers, which are anxiety allies that intercept your nervous system’s fight-or-flight response where pre-presentation jitters originate. Eating a banana will help you to stay calm in the few moments before your presentation to ensure that you get off to a strong start.

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