Discover Your Behavioral Authenticity

By Vanessa Tennyson, PCC, 3CP, SHRM-SCP

Behavioral authenticity is the hallmark of the Triad of Discovery©. I describe it as “The basis of your true identity; your genuine self; the heart and soul of the person who exists when no one else is looking.”

Arden Executive Coaching | Discover Your Behavioral Authenticity

A task that I ask almost every client to engage in is called “The 5 Power Adjectives Exercise.” It consists of describing your genuine self in five powerful adjectives. A powerful adjective is one that paints a picture. As an example, Happy does not really paint a picture as a descriptor, while Playful paints many pictures as a descriptor.

The next step is to write a paragraph describing yourself using the five adjectives. For example, “Danielle is a Creative thinker who is truly Open-Minded as she meets everyone where they are. Passionate about all things relating to people, she brings an Empathetic view and Trusting environment to every encounter.”

The last step is to write the five words on one side of a 3×5 notecard and the paragraph on the other side and tape it somewhere familiar (bedroom nightstand, etc.) so that anytime you are feeling “off” you can look at your words and discover what may be missing. (This exercise is part of the Triad of Discovery© Journey)

Arden Executive Coaching | Discover Your Behavioral Authenticity

Enjoy your journey in life!

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