DiSC Assessment

How Can You Facilitate Better Collaboration And Communication Amongst Your Employees?

The workplace is made up of many different types of people: different communication styles, priorities, preferences, paces. How can you get them working more effectively with one another?

We find that the first key to workplace effectiveness and engagement is to be sure people really understand their OWN preferences and style and then get better at understanding the style preferences of others, then use that understanding to start bridging the gap. We are an Authorized Partner for the EverythingDiSC® suite of assessments.

What Makes DiSC Different From MBTI (Myers Briggs) Or Other Tools?

  • The DiSC Assessment is a research-validated model that offers your employees a better understanding of their own style, including priorities, motivators and stress triggers.
  • The assessment takes about 15 minutes to complete, digitally. We then provide a 20+ page report with personalized information and strategies for reducing tension and improving communication and interaction with other employees.
  • Can be used at any level in an organization
  • We offer different versions of the tool depending on your needs – ask us for sample reports!
    • Manager Profile
    • Productive Conflict Profile
    • Work of Leaders Profile
    • Sales Profile
    • Comparison Profiles

What Is A DiSC Assessment?

While there are many tools available, at Arden Coaching we like EverythingDiSC® because it is simple to understand, but profound to apply. We find that people “get” the basis of this tool very quickly, which makes it far more impactful because they actually APPLY the information they get.

Also, the EverythingDiSC® is not meant to pigeonhole people, but rather to encourage them to take responsibility for their own actions and work to bridge any gaps themselves (i.e., EverythingDiSC® is not looking to say “well, I’m X type, so I can only do things my way; you’ll have to talk to me differently.” NO! Instead, EverythingDiSC® encourages people to understand others better and adjust their own approach to be more effective (i.e., I’m primarily an X style, but I think Joe may be more a Y style, so I’m going to lead with the big picture here, rather than the details, to make sure he gets excited about this.)

How Do I Bring EverythingDiSC® To My Company?

There are many ways to use these comprehensive tools:

  • Alongside work on team dynamics (see our Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team page)
  • With a specific department or tier of leaders
  • Throughout the whole organization
  • As a fun and educational workshop component to an offsite or event

Contact us for a complimentary consult on which EverythingDiSC® tools may be right for your needs