Danielle Siegel, PCC, LCSW

Executive Coach

Focus: Social and Emotional Intelligence, Communication Skills, Personal Branding

Danielle’s work as a Coach and Facilitator stems from over 20 years of commitment to cultivating healthy teams, work environments and work forces that are capable of overcoming anything. She believes that through the development of trust, relationships, direct communication and shared goals, leaders and teams can thrive. She approaches coaching with the end-goal of assisting her clients in overcoming barriers and helping them to navigate their life and careers from previously unseen perspectives. By opening new viewpoints and opportunities, they deepen their process of identifying their values and purpose and can make more resolute and focused decisions based on what matters most to them. They gain the self-awareness to identify their “internal critic” who often paralyzes us or causes us to miss out on opportunity. This new awareness and self-management allows them to continually operate and interact from a place of empathy and curiosity- yielding great rewards to their personal and professional journeys.

As a Certified Personal Branding Specialist, Danielle offers her clients the opportunity to participate in the 360Reach Personal Branding Survey which helps them to understand their strengths, weaknesses and personal attributes from the perspectives of people in their lives. With this information, they can identify areas of growth as well as develop goals to build on their strengths.

She is also certified in social and emotional intelligence coaching through the Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence®. Through the Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile or 360, she helps her clients identify areas of growth. Some of these areas include, but aren’t limited to, self-awareness, behavioral management, stress management, empathy, and communication skills. It has been said that she is “infectiously positive and someone people love to be around”. In her work, she exudes her values of connecting with and helping others, believing in people’s ability to change and grow, and inspiring action through fun and playfulness. She is someone you can count on and trust, knowing that she will tell you the whole truth in service of your goals.

Danielle earned her Masters of Social Work from Tulane University in New Orleans, LA. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and throughout most of her career as a social worker, she held assistant director and director level positions. In these roles, she facilitated group and team processes as well as supervised the professional development of staff. Danielle is also a Certified Co-Active Coach through the Coaches Training Institute and a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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