Dan Brown, PCC

Executive Coach


One of Dan’s clients recently compared his coaching style to dynamite, so groundbreaking were the positive changes she made during coaching. But another said Dan was like a warm jacket, providing calm, reassurance to help him weather turbulent changes at work. Dan brings the balance of challenge and support most leaders want in a coach. In his own words, “I move with the client, without any preconceived notions. You set the agenda of what to work on and I’ll coach accordingly, with tools, methods, and approaches that fit your learning style.”

Dan is a skilled practitioner in the cutting-edge field of adult-development. Did you know the way you currently see yourself and the world strongly predicts your leadership behavior and choices? Sounds obvious. But what isn’t obvious is that there are nine, measurable, definable “stages” of meaning-making, each one a growth step toward greater awareness. Dan works with leaders to understand their stage of development, enabling them not only to build skills, but also to move to the next level of mental and emotional capacity. Each growth step opens up new ways of seeing problems and dilemmas, which in turn leads to better decisions and creative versus reactive responses.

Dan is also an experienced team coach, assisting teams with improved decision-making, conflict-management, communication and building trust and mutual accountability.

Dan is a graduate of Georgetown University’s leadership-coaching certificate program. He holds the PCC credential from the International Coach Federation and is also a certified Immunity-to-Change coach.

For the 28 years prior to being a coach, Dan was a partner in an international publishing company. He knows first-hand what it’s like as a line supervisor to be on top of project teams…as a mid-level manager, to balance opposing needs of direct reports and up-line leaders…as president of a large division, to lead organizational change…as an owner, to take calculated, entrepreneurial risks.

His business expertise lies in marketing, product-development and editorial operations and his industry knowledge covers health care, banking and small business.

He lives in Washington, D.C. with his wife and two daughters.

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