Critical Elements of an Executive Coaching Relationship

For an executive coaching program to be successful and yield results, the relationship between the coach and the executive must be strong. As a human resources manager looking to improve the business by hiring an executive coaching company to work with executives, you want to be sure that the executive is comfortable with the program and ready to be coached. There are a lot of ways that the company can encourage the executive to be open to coaching and develop a positive relationship with their coach.

Learn more about the elements that are vital to your executive coaching program and what you can do as a company to ensure that this happens.

Keep It Confidential

Arden Executive Coaching | Critical Elements of an Executive Coaching Relationship

One of the main ways a company can encourage their executives to have an effective relationship with their coach is by ensuring that relationship is confidential. The executive must be sure that they can speak freely to their coach without worrying that what they say might get back to someone else. Trust must develop within the relationship so the coach can work with the executive to get to the root of his or her behaviors and actions.

Set Up a Positive Environment for Coaching

When a company sets out to hire an executive coach for their employees, the executive should see the experience as a reward, not as a punishment. One effective way to position executive coaching within the company is to make executives covet it. For example, tell them that once they reach a certain level in the company, they’re eligible for such coaching. This makes it more powerful.

Have a Supervisor Engaged in the Process

When the executive’s supervisor is engaged in the process, the executive can make sure that he or she is on track and aligned with the objectives of the company. The supervisor can also provide positive encouragement to the executive and offer real-time feedback. The supervisor must be as transparent as possible and discuss the program with the executive. The executive can even share their 360-degree assessment with their supervisor and discuss the areas that may need to be improved. 

Don’t Force a Coach/Executive Relationship

Executive coaches have many different methods, and some methods don’t work as well with certain types of personalities. If an executive isn’t connecting with a coach, their personalities might not mesh well. A coach/executive relationship must be based on trust and if the executive can’t trust their coach, the engagement won’t benefit the company. You may want to interview several different coaches before hiring one to make sure that the executives like and respect the coach and see a strong relationship developing with them.

Be sure to keep these elements in mind when hiring an executive coach to work with your executives.

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Arden Executive Coaching | Critical Elements of an Executive Coaching Relationship