Coaching Can Change the Game

by Lyne Desormeaux, PSYD, MCC

Getting started with a coaching engagement? What luck! Having a coach who will ask you questions, help you gain insights to your leadership challenges, and support you as you grow as a leader is a gift.

Coaching is not that complicated. Here are a few ways you can prepare yourself.

1. Clarify your vision for yourself. After your coaching engagement, who will you be as a leader? What exactly is the vision?

Leaders don’t get much of a chance to step back and ask themselves “Who am I as a leader?” and “What kind of leader would I like to become?” Taking the time to ask yourself those questions can be transformative. If you’ve known for a while that you could be better at delegation, for example, you could look at how you set your priorities and learn how to say no or set better boundaries. Now is a time to not only recognize this, but also to express a desire to take action.

2. Establish three specific goals and solicit feedback to validate them.

Three goals are important because they will help you focus, articulate a clear action plan, and measure progress. If you discuss those goals with your manager and get feedback, you will confirm that you are on the right track and that the two of you are aligned. You might want to talk about them with a few key stakeholders and trusted colleagues.

3. Get ready to enjoy the ride.

You will have a coach to guide you, support you, and listen to you. Bring your whole self to your coaching session, be curious, and engage. Work towards your vision and celebrate both small and big wins.