How to Build Relationships within your Company

When there are strong relationships within a company, the business runs better. Employees have respect for each other and work together toward goals that must be accomplished. It’s up to the executives to lead in order to cultivate strong relationships.

Consider the following tips when building relationships within your company. With the help of Arden Coaching’s training, you’ll learn how to improve relationships among your employees and see the great impact it has on your overall success.

Practice your communication skills. The only way relationships thrive is through good communication skills. Refine your basic communication skills such as listening, influencing, and respecting. With these refined skills, you’ll effectively communicate with employees, making it possible for your relationships to flourish.

Arden Executive Coaching | How to Build Relationships within your CompanyListening to others will help you understand their points of view and will also allow you to ask open-ended questions to prompt further discussion. Having some sort of influence will also be beneficial when fostering relationships, as you’ll be able to motivate and persuade employees. In every relationship, there needs to be respect to signify that the other person likes you, trusts you, and believes in what you have to say.

Demonstrate emotional intelligence. By properly reading the room and the situation you’re in, you’ll be better able to foster relationships with everyone. You’ll be aware of people who feel left out and you’ll include them. You’ll also be able to identify whether you’re capturing everyone’s attention. Be aware of your emotions and others’ emotions and how to act on them. You’ll observe their emotions and use the assessment to determine your next actions.

Be self-aware. You can’t foster relationships with others if you can’t gain perspective and understand the way they perceive you.

Encourage honest feedback. One effective way to prompt self-awareness is asking others for honest feedback. Hearing firsthand how you come across to other people can have a significant impact on how you run your business and open your eyes to your own actions more effectively than anything else.

Be reliable. One way to build trust within your company is to always do what you say you’re going to do. Hold yourself accountable and follow through in order to nurture healthy relationships. But it’s also important to learn how to say no if you can’t assist with something. This will make you even more trustworthy in the other person’s eyes because they know you’ll follow through when you can help.

Building relationships within your company is imperative to the success of your business as well as your position in the company. The better you are at fostering relationships, the more respect you’ll get from employees and you’ll be able to move even further up the ladder. Remember these tips during your day-to-day business interactions and you’ll nurture strong relationships with others.

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