Becoming an Olympian

Becoming an Olympian

I love the Olympics.

I’m one of those people who records every moment I can get my hand on.  Yes, even the ones on ESPN2, 3 and 4.

For the past couple weeks I’ve been coveting the limited play of the Olympic trials.  That’s where the athletes from all over the U.S. come together to see if they’ll make the Olympic team.  These athletes train for YEARS for this opportunity and it all comes down to one day, one race, one qualifying heat against possibly DOZENS of other Americans who have also trained for YEARS to get to his point.  And only 2 or 3 or 5 of them will get to wear that U.S.A. across their backs at the Olympics.  It’s thrilling, it’s heartbreaking….  It’s life, accentuated.

Arden CoachingI love this photo of Michael Phelps celebrating his relay team winning (in the unlikely last 5 meters).  To me it expresses the joy, the power, the hard work (check out those biceps!) and the triumph of all the moments leading up to that one.  This is the expression of accomplishment at the end of a road that means something.  It’s passion, personified.

Don’t we all seek this?  Don’t we all want to feel like THAT?!  About something…  anything?

We can!  That’s the experience Life Coaching is after.  Giving you the opportunity to reach beyond where you have in the past and get there!

Look, not all of us will be in the Olympics.  Not the international sports-related ones, anyway.  But we CAN be in the Olympics of our own lives.  We CAN seek to be the BEST at something, to excel beyond where we thought possible, to achieve something incredible.  We all want to feel like Michael Phelps does in that photo.

What will YOUR Olympics be?  Where will you challenge yourself to go beyond the ordinary, beyond even what you have thought to be possible?

Will you be the best parent?

Learn Spanish?

Foster a child?

Create a non-profit?

Volunteer your time to your favorite charity?

Get in top physical shape?

Find God?

Send your kids to college?

Mentor a colleague?

Win a triathlon?

Build a relationship with a life partner?

Forgive your parents?

Become the person you want to be?

All of those are things we SAY we want, and probably do.  I say that in order to truly excel at them to the Olympic level, it will take more than you know.  It will be like the athletes who run laps at 5am even when they don’t want to, or the ones who go to physical therapy day in and out to recover from injury in record time, or the ones who come back again and again having been beaten by milliseconds time after time.

I’m here to remind you that you DO have that kind of determination in you.  That you CAN achieve and be those things.

…WILL you?

Some of you may be ready to go get started right now.  Great!  Others may still doubt.  That’s OK.  Just like with Olympians, it likely takes a coach to get there.  To hold you to your practice schedule, to champion you, to point out the next layer of possibility you can’t see for yourself.  To be your partner who truly knows when you cross the finish line ALL of what it took to get there and can share in the triumph with you.

Go pick your Olympics!  The best part is, you don’t have to wait for every four years.  you can start TODAY!

On your marks…  get set… GO!!

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