Are You a Leader That Brings Out the Best in Others? Take Our Self-Assessment

There are leaders who bring out the best in others, and there are those who wear the leadership title but don’t carry out the leadership responsibility as it’s intended.

At Arden Coaching, we spend a lot of time helping our clients assess their current performance so they can identify areas of improvement and strengthen their leadership. One of the things we’ve found from helping executives take a critical look at their efforts is that a little feedback can go a long way.

Not sure where to start? Start right here with Arden’s Leadership Self-Assessment.

Leadership Self-Assessment: Directions

To complete the leadership self-assessment, read the following statements and add or subtract a point where the text specifies. (If the statement only says +1 point and it’s not an accurate fit for you, move to the next question; don’t subtract a point.) Do your best to respond truthfully.

  1. Do people get promoted or recognized more in your department vs. others? +1 point
  2. Do people in your department smile often, have a generally good attitude, and enjoy working with one another? +1 point
  3. Would you say that your team goes above and beyond in their daily tasks and projects? +1 point
  4. Has it been over a month since someone on your team surprised you with an innovative idea? -1 point
  5. When delegating a new project, do you tell the person to whom you’re delegating to figure it out themselves? -1 point
    • Or do you coach them through it? +1 point
  6. Do you talk one-on-one with your direct reports at a minimum of a monthly basis? +1 point

Evaluating Your Score (Max Score 5, Min Score -2)

Final Score 3 to 5: If you scored between 3 and 5 on the above self-assessment, you’re a leader who’s created a strong following and one who definitely helps others succeed! Your team is the talk of your company, and the people in your department are inspired and motivated to do their best work and reach for new opportunities.

Final Score 1 to 2: If you scored a 1 or a 2, you have a few areas to improve on, but you’re on the right track. Remember to make your leadership efforts an active part of your personal strategy and hone in on the questions where you didn’t earn a point or lost one. What structures can you put in place to help your team do better?

Final Score 0 to -2: If you scored between 0 and -2, it’s time for a new approach that will help you motivate your people, inspire loyalty, and advance your organization. The good thing is, you can only go up from here.

If your leadership efforts have gotten away from you, you need to start a focused engagement that will help you get them moving in the right direction again.

How an Executive Coach Can Help You Raise Your Score

An executive coaching partnership is a personalized six-month commitment in which a coach and executive pave new pathways to positive change in leadership. The work coaches at Arden do with executives works to strengthen team relationships, boost confidence, increase awareness and perspective, and enhance productivity, helping them to become steadfast leaders that bring out the best in others.

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