Arden Coaching Joins Forces with Girls Who Code to Empower the Next Generation of Tech Leaders

Arden Coaching has been a generous contributor to numerous non-profit organizations over the years, recognizing the significance of supporting causes aligned with its values. In the last two years, we have taken great pride in supporting Girls Who Code, a non-profit that holds immense value to us. At Arden Coaching, we believe in giving back to the community and making a positive impact on the world. Supporting Girls Who Code aligns with our values and helps us to make a difference in the lives of young girls who are interested in pursuing a career in technology. We are proud to be associated with this organization and will continue to support its mission in the years to come.

Why Girls Who Code? Understanding Women in STEM

Girls and women are greatly underrepresented in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. Despite making up nearly half of the global workforce, women are vastly outnumbered in many areas of STEM, including computer science, engineering, and physics. In 1995, women made up 37% of computer scientists, but now the figure is only 24%. Without intervention, this percentage will decrease further. The largest loss of girls in computer science occurs between the ages of 13 and 17. 

This disparity is even more pronounced for girls from underrepresented communities, such as girls of color and those from low-income backgrounds. The underrepresentation of girls in STEM has far-reaching consequences, not only for the girls themselves but also for society as a whole. By denying girls equal access to education and career opportunities in STEM, we are not only perpetuating gender inequality, but also limiting the diversity of perspectives and ideas that drive innovation and progress. Addressing the underrepresentation of girls in STEM is a critical step towards creating a more equitable and inclusive future.

Equity and inclusion in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields is also crucial in addressing systemic inequalities and promoting diversity in the workforce. Underserved communities, including communities of color, low-income communities, and women, have historically faced barriers to entering and succeeding in STEM fields.

To promote equity and inclusion, it is important to provide equal access to education and resources. This includes offering mentorship and networking opportunities, as well as creating a welcoming and supportive educational environment. Girls Who Code shares this in their mission and vision.

Additionally, addressing the root causes of inequality, such as poverty and limited access to quality education, is necessary for creating a truly inclusive STEM community. This can be achieved through policies and programs aimed at increasing the representation of underrepresented groups in STEM education and careers, and by providing support to help them overcome any barriers they may face.

By promoting equity and inclusion in STEM, we can ensure that the STEM workforce reflects the diverse population it serves, and that everyone has the opportunity to contribute to and benefit from technological advancements.

What Is Girls Who Code?

Girls Who Code is a global organization aimed at closing the gender gap in new tech jobs by 2030 by empowering girls worldwide. Fifty percent of the girls served by Girls Who Code come from historically underrepresented communities, including Black, Latinx, and low-income backgrounds.

Girls Who Code Programs


Clubs are a free option for students in grades 3-5 and 6-12 to become part of a supportive community of peers and role models who use computer science to make a difference. With no cost to participate, these clubs offer engaging activities through a customizable curriculum that fits each student’s needs. The clubs can be held after school, on weekends, or during the summer and can take place in-person or fully online. They partner with school districts, library networks and afterschool programs to launch Clubs in communities across the country.

College & Career

Girls Who Code provides extensive programs aimed at supporting college-aged students (18-25) and early career professionals in continuing their computer science education and thriving in their initial internships and employment opportunities.

Summer Programs 

Two options are available: a 2-week intensive program or a 6-week self-paced program, giving students the ability to learn in a way that suits them best and establish valuable connections. All high school students identifying as girls or non-binary are eligible to apply, with no prior computer science background necessary. 

Code At Home 

These free activities are all online, self-paced, and at varying levels. You can download and learn the basics of web development with these interactive programs.

The Impact of Corporate Partnerships

At Arden Coaching, we believe corporate partnerships can be more impactful than gift-giving for several reasons:

  •     Sustainability: A corporate partnership provides ongoing support and resources, rather than a one-time gift, allowing for a more sustained impact.
  •     Synergy: Corporate partnerships can align the values and goals of the corporation and the organization they partner with, leading to mutually beneficial outcomes.
  •     Broader Reach: Companies often have extensive networks and resources that can be leveraged to reach a wider audience, amplifying the impact of the partnership.
  •     Increased Visibility: Corporate partnerships can bring increased exposure and visibility to the organization and its mission, helping to raise awareness and attract additional support.
  •     Collaborative Effort: Corporate partnerships involve a joint effort between the company and the organization, leading to more innovative and impactful initiatives.

A Cause That Matters

Through its partnership with Girls Who Code, Arden Coaching is helping to provide young girls and non-binary students with the resources and support they need to pursue their passions in computer science. Girls Who Code is empowering students to learn in a way that works best for them and establish meaningful connections in the field. With Arden Coaching’s support, Girls Who Code can continue its mission of closing the gender gap in technology and creating a more diverse and inclusive tech industry. Together, we are making a positive impact on the future of technology and the lives of young people everywhere.