ALA Curriculum

ALA Curriculum

Leadership Training for Managers

Based on our experience with teams, we have developed this proven process for the Arden Leadership Academy that propels individuals, teams and organizations:


Teams will:

  • participate in training sessions on topics relevant to your organization’s needs
  • form deep bonds through working on Innovation Projects together


Individuals shift through:

  • develop self-awareness through the powerful DiSC assessment tool
  • receive one-on-one coaching to implement the concepts form the training


Organizations benefit from:

  • the innovation projects the participants produce in the program
  • increased levels of leadership, responsibility and action amongst the participants
  • increased engagement levels from the participants

Our Proven Curriculum

Training Modules

Exceptional on-site, half-day modules from our information-packed curriculum based on the specific outcomes desired within your organization.


DiSC Assessment

This proven tool assists people to develop awareness of their behavioral differences to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication.


Individual Coaching

Industries top coaches provide one-on-one executive coaching during the course of the program to help the participants apply the module learning to their specific circumstances.


Innovation Projects

Participants work in small groups to define and develop a project that brings tangible new ideas back to the company for consideration.


Cohort Engagement

Your leaders are more than individual participants; they form a cohort: sharing leadership experiences, skills and camaraderie helps spread an outstanding leadership culture throughout your organization.

Module Training Topics can include topics such as:

  • Utilizing Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
  • Skills for Embracing Difficult Conversations
  • Cultivating Innovation
  • Developing a Culture of Accountability
  • Key Communication Skills for Accelerated Performance
  • Coaching Skills for Leaders
  • Creating Extraordinary Teams