A Gift to our readers for a Powerful 2013!

New Year…  New You, right?Arden Executive Coaching | A Gift to our readers for a Powerful 2013!

Sure you hear all sorts of hype at this time of year about New Year’s Resolutions.  Lots of news touting the best new diet (I heard one this morning that claimed you could eat anything you wanted at all, just only within an eight hour time frame each day, and only three times a week.  Hmmmmm….) or the best new exercise toy, or how to finally clean out that closet and keep it that way.  Then there are all those people saying that Resolutions don’t work.  I’ve been one of those, and I still am.  There IS a way to get what you want out of the coming year, but it’s not in the form of a resolution.

I’ll tell you below what you CAN do that WILL work.  But here’s what won’t:

There’s no way most people will suddenly change how they do things.  The habit is simply too strong.  I liken it to brushing your teeth: imagine determining for some reason that you were only ever going to brush your teeth with the opposite from normal hand from now until forever.  No breaks, no messing up.

For most of us, brushing our teeth is so automatic we don’t think about it, we just do it.  This is a good thing actually — it means we can spend our neuro-energy somewhere else rather than thinking about it freshly each time.  But imagine trying to shift that habit.  At first you might be ultra-conscious of the new habit you’re looking to form.  You may be amused at the toothpaste that drips down your chin, or how you can’t seem to get at those back teeth like usual.  It might be fun and goofy and exciting in its new-ness.  Then one day, as you rush to get out the door, it’s likely you’d reach for the toothbrush they way you have for the past several decades without even thinking about it.  Only halfway through your easy routine might you realize (if at all) that that wasn’t what you’d planned.  You might kick yourself.  You might forget about it and resolve to do better tomorrow, or you might decide to give up the whole switcheroo altogether: after all, this return to the old was was so much faster and more comfortable… and no toothpaste spilled down your work shirt!

If you stick out the awkward transition, you might find that you’re doing OK with your new hand, until the hygienist on your next visit has to dig into those back teeth you’ve kind of been missing.  If that doesn’t deter you, and you make adjustments, you may find that you are in fact finally ambidextrous with your teeth-brushing.  Congratulations!   You’d be one of only 8% of people who keep their resolutions (20% give them up before January 20th!)

But here’s the real deal:

Resolutions don’t work.  GOALS do.

But you must SUPPORT the process.

Our brain chemistry is powerful, and right now it’s programmed for all the things you already do: brush your teeth with the normal hand, keep your closet that way, respond to your boss or your spouse with that tone… all those things you’re interested in altering in the New Year to create a New You.  That’s commendable, and completely achievable.  But it will take more than simply resolving to do/say/be something different.  You need to overcome the brain chemistry that has the old way work better for you.

Here’s what it will take:

1. A plan: including a clear vision and achievable outcome

2. Specific, tangible milestones and actions to get there

3. Support: mental, physical, emotional

4. Awareness: noticing and moving through where you get stuck/slowed/stopped

5. Accountability: to keep you going when the going gets rough

We’re here to help you with this path.  This is what we do.  When you’re determined to make it across the finish line, we can help you get there.  A Coach is there to assist you with ALL FIVE of these essential pieces.  Could you do it on your own, sure, but most people won’t.  So when you’re committed… like any all-star athlete will tell you: get a Coach!

To that end, we are offering our fans a Power Package for 2013 to get your goal up and running:

Power Package 2013

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A Gift to our readers for a Powerful 2013!