360 Leadership Assessment

A comprehensive evaluation is behind the launch of every successful engagement

When you enroll in a program with the intent to change, measuring your ability and skill level at the start is a crucial part of setting goals and building a strategy around those goals. This benchmark status becomes a valuable metric that’s also used to show how far you’ve come at the engagement’s end.

In Arden’s coaching process, a 360 leadership assessment provides the client, coach, and supervisor with a detailed view of the executive’s current skill standing. Clients may choose between a quantitative or qualitative evaluation, each outlined below

Option 1: The Leadership Circle™ Profile

The Leadership Circle Profile is an exceptional tool that really suits Arden’s ontological approach to executive coaching. In addition to measuring the executive’s leadership ability in areas such as courageous authenticity, mentoring and development, and strategic focus, the Leadership Circle Profile reveals the executive’s underlying beliefs that better tell the story of their scores in these areas.

The core of Arden’s coaching process is centered on honing these underlying beliefs, or operating systems, to shift a leader’s thinking and actions and create new results. This tool is immensely effective for getting to those fundamental beliefs in a clear and concise way, which makes it useful for implementing long-term shifts in behavior.

Option 2: Stakeholder Interviews

Depending on the executive’s goals, a qualitative assessment option may be used instead, in which the coach conducts interviews with the key players on all sides of the exec (bosses, direct reports, peers, etc.). The executive will choose up to 10 people within their immediate sphere to provide the coach with feedback on the executive’s performance, habits, and perceptions.

These interviews provide greater insight into the executive’s relationships and their current ability to oversee, manage, and interact with others. They also tend to provide the coach with more cultural information about the environment in which the executive works, which can help the coach get a feel for the best way to structure the engagement’s initiatives.

Additional Assessment Options

Of course, these two tools aren’t always the right match. Arden has access to many other assessment options that may be selected based on the needs of the executive and their particular situation. These include:

  • The Leadership Circle Profile Manager Edition: If a coach is working with a client that has more managerial tasks rather than leadership responsibilities, he or she might select this tool instead. This is a version of the first option’s tool designed with a manager’s scope of responsibilities in mind.
  • The Leadership Culture Survey: This assessment option is used to evaluate the leadership culture of a team, its objectives, and current performance.
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment: This is a custom evaluation that may be used to assess an executive’s skill levels in the area of emotional intelligence and is primarily used for execs pursuing interpersonal development.
  • Judgment Index: This tool is used to evaluate an employee’s judgment level and how they weigh options. This is a great developmental tool that can also be used to assess how well an employee or a prospective employee matches their role.
  • Depending on the client’s needs, other personality or communication-style tools can be used, including Hogan, Myers-Briggs, or Herrmann.

From Insights to Actions

Whether clients choose the Leadership Circle Profile, stakeholder interviews, or another assessment option, once feedback has been collected, the coach and executive have everything they need to dive into their partnership.

360 Leadership Assessment

Based on the valuable insights attained from the 360 leadership assessment, the coach and client create a concrete development plan that will help the executive advance to their next level of personal leadership in the coming months of the engagement.

Our coaches help executives shift their current behaviors to make way for success. Contact an Arden coach today to see how your executives and company would benefit. The 360 Leadership Assessment is an excellent place to start.


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