3 Ways to Improve Office Dynamics

Improving your company’s office dynamics helps you to increase employee happiness and engagement and lay the foundation for stronger teams.

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1. Create a Reliable System for Frequent Feedback

One of the best ways to improve office dynamics is to give your employees the chance to be heard. Too many organizations lack this simple-yet-essential structure for feedback that goes both ways, both down (feedback down to your employees) and up (feedback from your employees up to management).

Upward feedback structures are often the ones that need the most work. The key is to create clear expectations around what employees need to do in order to make suggestions and make sure that the company is responsive to the feedback it receives.

For example, if your feedback system is a collection box, how do people know that their message has been read? Whose responsibility is it to check the box and how often? Asking these questions will help you create a strong system for deriving valuable feedback.

2. Be Transparent and Authentic with Your Employees

Authenticity is one of the top skills that successful leaders possess and being direct and honest with your employees can certainly help you to improve office dynamics. People want to work for someone whom they trust. When they can get on board with your mission and values and see how their work fits into the team’s greater goal, they’re far more inclined to be motivated to work to their full potential.

Remember, authenticity brings in not only telling the truth, but also knowing yourself and being vulnerable with your employees when it’s necessary. You shouldn’t channel raw emotion or sharing company secrets, but people shouldn’t feel as though they’re being left entirely out of meaningful conversations.

3. Instill a Culture of Appreciation

A culture that welcomes appreciation sets out to acknowledge your team members for their hard work and what it really means to you and the organization as a whole. It draws in a deeper level of recognition that takes multiple factors into account.

This is the difference between telling a colleague “Great report” and taking the time to say, “I know your son had a soccer game last night. I appreciate you staying late to do those numbers. It really made a big difference.”

It costs nothing to say thank you, and once the recognition ball is rolling, everyone will want to get in on it!

Better Office Dynamics Are Just Around the Corner

The key to improving your company’s office dynamics comes down to creating strong systems for feedback, being transparent and authentic with your people, and taking the time to thank them for their hard work. Strong leaders make strong teams.

If you’re having trouble tapping into improving your office dynamics, reach out to Arden Coaching to discuss how an executive coaching partnership could help your company make a change for the better today.

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