3 Fun Team Building Activities in Philadelphia

Calling all Philadelphia-based companies seeking team building fun around the City of Brotherly Love!

From exploring Philly’s landmarks under the guise of a scavenger clue to tasting new cuisines or working together to escape a locked room, the following 3 activities are wacky, entertaining, and enjoyable. Most importantly, though, they provide the circumstances you need to create the shared memories that help to build strong teams.

City Food Tours

When you book a team outing with City Food Tours, you experience Philly’s culinary scene and far-reaching history like never before. City Food Tours’ themed food tours get your group out of the office and trying something new altogether.

Get to know the foodie sides of Philly with a gourmet view of the city’s best bakeries, sandwich shops, and Italian dessert delights or take on City Food Tour’s Ethnic Eats of South Philly course to learn about the traditions, cultures, and cuisines of Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, and more.

You can even sign up to make your own meal as a team in professional kitchens led by City Food’s trained guest chefs. Learning new skills in the kitchen that you can apply at home or having a friendly cook-off competition is the definition of team fun!


Challenge your team to a city-wide scavenger hunt through the City of Brotherly Love customized just for your company with CityHUNT. Familiar with the effects that having fun as a team can have on your day-to-day work environment, CityHUNT’s scavenger challenges emphasize positive outcomes with each question solved and clue completed.

The CityHUNT staff sits down with your team’s organizers ahead of time to help them craft your group’s own custom challenge route for the best results. Let your recreational side come alive as you work toward building lasting relationships. You’ll learn more about your city, explore new environments together, and gain an experience that your entire team will look back on fondly for years to come.

Escape the Room Philly

Escape the Room Philly, a 60-minute, intense trial of collaboration and problem solving that’s seriously fun, puts your team’s cooperation and creativity to the ultimate test. It’s your group against the clock working to crack the codes to a series of riddles and puzzles involving the room’s secret objects that are actually hiding in plain view.

Will you escape the room before time runs out? Whether or not you do, you’ve gotten in quality time learning about how others on your team think, the roles they tend to play, and maybe even a few things you have in common, too.

Plan Your Fun Philly Team Activity Today!

Interacting and building relationships outside the office is an essential part of developing a high-performing team.

But before you head out and have fun, you always want to make sure that the overall dynamic is balanced first. Team building activities make great opportunities to support an offsite meeting or strategic planning session.

Interested in finding out the A-to-Z basics of how to plan for offsite success? Check out Arden’s free guide to offsites that make a big difference.