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Esteemed and Experienced

The Arden coaching team is comprised of a group of brilliantly talented individuals. Many of our coaches hold advanced certifications from the International Coach Federation, including designations, Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Master Certified Coach (MCC). Others have master’s degrees and PhDs in subjects that serve as a vital backdrop to the executive coaching occupation, including psychology and organizational development, or in other areas of relevant expertise.

What all of our coaches share is an established coaching background, passion for the coaching profession, and proven success in providing their clients with tangible results.

This advanced training and experience combined with each individual’s unique business background make our coaches fitting partners for such a broad-ranging client base.

Connecting Coach with Client

Each of our coaches has their own coaching style, and each of our clients learns differently. To best help executives reach their personal goals, we strive to pair each client with an experienced coach who can connect with them on a fundamental level.

Prior to the engagement, Arden will introduce the executive to a coach or handful of coaches we believe will be the best fit for the partnership. Executives always have the opportunity to interview several coaches before choosing a coach for their partnership.

Take a Minute to Meet Our Team

From individual executive coaching to group coaching on a wider scale, our coaches provide varied programs and partnerships for your company’s top-level managers and leaders. And they’re available in 13 cities across the US. Get to know our team below!

Meet Our Team

Maren Perry

Founder and President

When Maren walks into the room, you know it. She is a natural and dynamic leader one is drawn to for her energy, charisma and her diverse knowledge...

Jason Heard

Arden Accounting

Jason’s experience as a financial professional spans 20+ years with a diverse range of clients from the legal industry, oil & gas, medical, public relations, non-profits...

Jan Kristovich

Administrative Coordinator

Jan has over 25 years of administrative experience in many different industries. Most recently she has found herself working in Learning Development ...

Steve Hansen

Executive Coach

Steve specializes in leadership development and group coaching. He brings over 30 years of practical, in-depth business experience drawn from past executive...    

Barbara McAllister

Executive Coach

Barb worked for twenty-six years in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – in increasingly responsible management and leadership positions...

Nora Infante

Executive Coach

With a strong background in the behavioral sciences and international business and over fifteen years of experience, Nora, is recognized for her proficiency...

Dan Brown

Executive Coach

Dan brings the balance of challenge and support most leaders want in a coach. In his own words, “I move with the client, without any preconceived notions.    

Sharon Krohn

Executive Coach

As an Executive Coach, Sharon partners with top performing leaders to help them achieve clarity and chart a path to an envisioned future.    

Fran LaMattina

Executive Coach

Fran has been coaching since 1999, achieving a Master Coach Certification (MCC) and Board Certified Coach designation (BCC) in the early days of the profession.

Talisa Ernstmann

Executive Coach

Talisa Ernstmann has more than 25 years of experience working inside and outside of Fortune 100 organizations. Talisa has worked extensively in the private sector...

Kathy Poehnert

Executive Coach

Kathy is a “Positivologist”; seeking to find opportunity in challenge, and helping her clients to do the same. She is very solution-focused, but process-driven; ...

Mandeep Singh

Executive Coach

Mandeep is a coach, facilitator and organizational transformation consultant with a background that spans 35 years of hands-on experience creating...    

Tom Henschel

Executive Coach

Tom Henschel is an expert in workplace communications and self-presentation. Over the past 20 years, he has helped hundreds of senior leaders achieve...    

Nicole LaBeach

Executive Coach

Dr. Nicole has over fifteen years of proven experience serving clients in the areas of executive coaching and system-wide organization change and development.....    

Amy Pasquale

Executive Coach

As an executive coach and facilitator, Amy works with individuals and teams in a variety of industries and functions. As a business leader and...

Lyne Desormeaux

Executive Coach

Dr. Lyne Desormeaux is a consulting psychologist and Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (PCC) bringing a wealth of experience and expertise...  

Kevin “KJ” Johnson

Executive Coach

Kevin A. Johnson is an executive coach with over 19 years of experience in leadership development, group dynamics and practice-building.

Plum Cluverius

Executive Coach

After early stints as a journalist, Plum discovered her dream career -- developing leaders who can make a workplace more meaningful and satisfying for everyone...

Chris Coward

Executive Coach

Christine “Chris” is a credentialed Executive Coach and Facilitator of Leadership Development.  She partners with individuals and teams...    

Kevin Ciccotti

Executive Coach

Kevin Ciccotti is a Certified Professional Coach, Speaker, and Trainer. For almost a decade, he has coached leaders from middle management to the...

Laura Hansen

Executive Coach

Laura Hansen coaches executives and high potential leaders drawing from over 20 years of business experience. She enjoys working with high-performing individuals...

Sheeba Varghese

Executive Coach

Sheeba Varghese is a Professional Certified Coach providing leadership development to men and women who desire to bridge the gap...

Steve Kullback

Executive Coach

Steve Kullback partners with leaders from disparate backgrounds who share common goals: organizational excellence, leadership effectiveness...

Rachel Verlik

Executive Coach

Rachel is an authentic and approachable coach, focused on the philosophy of working with the whole person to initiate and sustain change.    

Eva Szekeres

Executive Coach

Eva has a warm, open-minded and engaging approach and due to her extended international experience she can easily connect with people from all backgrounds.    

Micki Lewis

Executive Coach

Micki Lewis is known for her ability to assess, align and accelerate what’s most important to the success of the leader and the organization...

Marlene McCallum

Executive Coach

Marlene has been a part of the Arden team since 2012 and has supported and co-facilitated 20+ successful team offsite meetings. She specializes in offsite ...

Danielle Siegel

Executive Coach

Danielle's work as a Coach and Facilitator stems from over 20 years of commitment to cultivating healthy teams, work environments and ...

Amanda Zinke

Executive Coach

Amanda brings a unique mix of experience, education and skill to her coaching. Her MBA and prior leadership roles help her to...    

Karen Carmody

Executive Coach

Karen specializes in working with senior executives and high potential leaders who seek accelerated development for career...

We have coaches located throughout the country and hand pick our coaches to match each specific project, able to provide individual and group coaching on a wide scale.

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