Executive Coaching Chicago

Executive Coaching ChicagoBusiness moves fast in the Windy City of Chicago.  Make sure you move with it.

Chicago is the home base for several of our coaches.  We are proud to offer you our Executive Coaching and Management Training Programs here, along with other services.

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About Arden Coaching Chicago

Founded in New York City, Arden Coaching develops leaders with a focus on their interpersonal and communication skills.  We work with senior leaders on a one-on-one basis in our highly praised, customized Executive Coaching programs.  For management teams, we offer an economic approach to training these managers in the difference between management and leadership: that step-up it takes to shift from handling the widget to handing people.

Executive Coaching

Our flagship programs for senior leaders are rigorous, effective, measurable and engaging.  Our coaches are the best in the business.  They have thousands of hours of coaching experience and are certified at the level of only 3.6% of the world’s coaches.

Management Training Programs

Most employees are promoted based on their effectiveness in their area of expertise.  Rarely are they provided with training in actually leading the teams they become responsible for.  More than 80% of employees site a poor supervisor as their reason for leaving a company.  Training your managers to make all of their teams more effective and productive is an essential investment to prevent turnover, increase engagement, and increase productivity.  We specialize in that shift from manger to leader in our aptly named, From Management to Leadership Program.

Retreat Facilitation

The worst thing that can happen at a retreat is that it inconveniences people in getting there, and then it makes no sustainable difference afterwards.  Having an experienced Retreat Facilitator on hand during the planning and execution of the retreat can prevent that from happening.  Our facilitators are able to move the conversations forward, balancing the personalities in the room, to be sure you leave with targeted objectives and an action plan for implementation.  Whether you’re planning a retreat in the Chicago area, or taking your Chicago-based team elsewhere, we can help you customize a retreat to accomplish your specific goals.

We are proud to offer our services in the Windy City of Chicago.  Schedule your Chicago consultation.