Executive Coaching & Leadership Training

Developing Interpersonal and Communication Skills through Executive Coaching and Leadership Training for Managers

Your company is made of people. The relationships they have make your business successful… or not. The Interpersonal and Communication Skills of your Leaders and Managers are critical to your company’s success.

Executive Coaching

Senior level leaders require individually tailored solutions to address their next level of leadership. Our Executive Coaching programs provide customized solutions, addressing the Interpersonal and Communication skills that are necessary for increased effectiveness and influence.
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Leadership Training for Managers

Managers who’ve been promoted because of great knowledge in their area of expertise are not typically experts in how to deal with people. Now they’re responsible for leading without the proper tools. Through our Leadership Training for Managers, we focus on the new skills necessary to make them true leaders, not just followers with a new title.
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Arden’s New York Story

We started our executive coaching in New York City in 2007 and are proud to still call it our home base.  We heart NY!  As the center of finance, business and culture, New York represents the pinnacle of achievement and the forefront of innovative thinking.  In 2009, our Executive Coaching expanded this high quality service to other areas of the country by expanding our reach through  our team of highly qualified coaches.  We look forward to serving you wherever you are.  Check out our other locations here.

People are what make a company. That resource can be priceless, or overlooked.

Leadership training results in:

  • far higher employee engagement
  • greater productivity and effectiveness
  • more innovation
  • better communication
  • a responsible and proactive culture
  • improved employee retention
  • fewer sick days and employee complaints
  • development of internal leaders, reducing need to search out high level leaders from outside the organization

All of these have a huge impact on your bottom line.

“Even after adopting the most conservative approach to determining the return on investment, we showed a 700% ROI for the coaching initiative.”

– Center for Performance Excellence; Booz Allen Hamilton

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