Executive Coaching: Mastering the Uncharted Post-COVID World

Remote work. The “great resignation.” Hybrid teams. Post-COVID business strategies. There is a remarkable amount of uncertainty in the world right now, and that is probably reflected in your organization. Leaders are dealing with economic unpredictability, market risks, employee turnover, trust, demographic and cultural shifts, and their own exhaustion from dealing with the past two years.

Sometimes, it seems that we’re not even sure about the best way to run a meeting anymore!

With so many unknowns, we are truly in uncharted territory — we do not know “what’s next.” This is the perfect time to engage an executive coach for yourself or members of your team.


Executive Coaching for an Uncertain World

Executive coaching is great at helping people understand how they filter information and how they see the world — what their mindset is. Coaches focus on helping clients assess and develop new mindsets. They push them into the unknown and stretch them as leaders, developing self-awareness and leadership traits that serve well when innovation is needed and there’s no “map.”

In order to commit to a new course of action, you first need to understand your patterns of thinking. Coaches help you identify the underlying reasons and habits that are responsible for your performance, and work with you to change behaviors and build leadership skills. Coaches do not offer advice. We do not tell you what you should do. We equip you to understand yourself, communicate, lead, and make your own decisions.

For more, read “What Coaching Is, And What It Isn’t,” by Arden Coaching’s Barb McAllister, MS, MCC. See also, “What’s the Difference Between Coaching and Training?

There’s No Advice to Give!

We are currently at a place where there is no reference point — some accepted way of doing things based on experience and precedent. This is not a time for training, consulting, and advice. In fact, no one really has meaningful advice to offer — we haven’t been here before! There’s no playbook, no proven set of strategies or tactics.

Unknown territory is where coaching thrives. Coaching helps people better understand how they can choose, how they see things, and how they can make decisions that are right for them and their organizations.

Over the past two years, executives have been stretched involuntarily. Now is the time to stretch deliberately, and in a way that expands you and your team’s leadership capabilities — with a coach who will be your senior-level thought partner.

We won’t tell you what to do. But we WILL help you figure out how to figure out what to do yourself! For more about the big-picture value of executive coaching, read “The Value of Executive Coaching: in Business and in Life.”

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