Who is Coachable?!

By Tom Henschel   I had coached Kelsey and she’d thrived. Now she asked if I’d coach, Brianna, one of her direct reports. During our coaching, Kelsey had talked about Brianna at length. From Kelsey’s description, I wasn’t sure Brianna was coachable. Then I met...

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Why Networking Matters

By Lyne Desormeaux, PSYD, PCC   Working with 12 leaders of a company over a period of 7 months  validated the time I’ve been spending coaching and training on building a strong network. Some of these 12 leaders knew each other having worked at the company for...

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4 Keys to Improving Employee Engagement

By Danielle Siegel, PCC Employee engagement is a hot topic right now in HR departments and within leadership teams.  This is not a surprise as data from Gallup’s 2014 research shows that only 13 percent of all employees are “highly engaged” and 26 percent are...

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You Asked for Feedback…Now What?

Remember the boss you once had who told everyone that the door was always open, and that they really valued your feedback, or suggestions, anytime? Then, when a handful of courageous souls provided some feedback, they were listened to half-heartedly (or defensively)...

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Someone/Something Did Me Wrong:  Now What?

by Plum Cluverius, MA/ABS, PCC   In March’s Month in Review, Arden coach Dan Brown reframed the distaste for office politics into the need for political savvy in his blog on “The Power of Authenticity.”  That reframe is critical if we are to be successful navigating...

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Why “Problem Solving “ is a NO- NO

by Kathy Poehnert, M.E.D., Psych., PCC   Imagine this scenario:  A business team has gathered in a conference room to brainstorm about a problem that exists within their unit: maybe about inefficiency, or morale, maybe poor communication, or how to deal with a...

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Challenging Your Hobgoblins

By Nora Infante, PSYD The singular most powerful obstacle to trying new behaviors is fear (fear of failure, fear of humiliation, fear of vulnerability, of being exposed, etc.).  We take our fears seriously and they often play an important role in the personal and...

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