Tips for Coaching on the FLY

by Laura Hansen, PCC Many managers these days are expected to provide informal coaching  for their direct reports when development needs arise.  Sometimes those managers do not have the skill or the time to complete a full coaching discussion but need to offer...

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How Your Genius Might be Hurting Your Organization

by Kevin Ciccotti, CPCC, PCC   The clients I’m fortunate enough to work with have a few things in common, one of those being that they rose to their levels of success by being people who have answers; someone who can help solve complex problems, and understand...

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3 Essential Components of Charisma

By Michael Nagle, PCC   In her book The Charisma Myth, Olivia Fox Cabane explores how anyone can master the art and science of personal magnetism to become more influential, persuasive and inspiring.  Truly effective leaders embody the three essential elements of...

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Why We’re Bad at Change      

By Amy Pasquale, MA, PCC, BCC   As an executive coach, the essence of my role is to support the development and growth of a person.  As a person, you are already very aware of how complex your growth and development is. If I were to ask you: “have you grown as a...

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Mind the Emotional Field

By Gilly Weinstein, PCC As a coach I’ll occasionally provide shadow coaching by observing the executive I’m working with in action, from a wallflower vantage point in a meeting room. In the context of a coaching engagement, I observe my client in this way for the sake...

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Slow Down for the Curves

By Steve Hansen, PCC With an eye to completing as much as could get done in a long workday, Ann, the VP of IT, felt she had to go 200 mph every minute of every day. Her communication style was matter of fact, blunt, direct, and she had little time to explore the...

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And Then, There’s Managing Your Boss!

By Nicole LaBeach, Ph.D., MCC   Few would argue bad bosses are a leading reason for people quitting their jobs. Despite strong leadership being lauded and great leaders being worth their weight in gold, there are those who significantly challenge the masses. The irony...

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Why Your Company (and YOU!) Need More Time Off

By Eva Szekeres, MA, PCC Does taking time off sound for you like a luxury an unreachable ideal a sign of poor work ethic irresponsible act from your career point of view a waste of time? In our 24/7 always on, super busy life we struggle very often to justify taking...

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Four Things an Executive Coach is NOT

Executive coaching offers executives in business and nonprofit organizations a exceptional opportunity to develop their leadership skills and advance their careers. An experienced, certified executive coach (we recommend certification from the International Coach...

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