3 Essential Components of Charisma

By Michael Nagle, PCC   In her book The Charisma Myth, Olivia Fox Cabane explores how anyone can master the art and science of personal magnetism to become more influential, persuasive and inspiring.  Truly effective leaders embody the three essential elements of...

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Essentials of Team Performance: Results

(This is the fifth in a series of five articles about building high-performance teams.) High-performing teams create strong, positive results. You’re probably thinking, “No kidding!” When you consider the development of a team built on the fundamental behaviors of a...

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Perspective is Everything!

By Dr. Nicole LaBeach, Ph.D., PCC     Success requires vision, commitment, consistency, focus, sacrifice, and effort. As leaders, when things go our way we feel accomplished. However, when they turn in another direction we can beat ourselves up with how we missed...

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Values Exploration and Alignment

By Danielle Siegel, PCC, LCSW     Many of my clients are so consumed by their work that they are struggling to see the bigger picture of life. They are like little gophers working underground and every once in a while, they pop their heads up to see what is...

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How to Prepare for a Difficult Conversation

By Rachel Verlik, PCC   Let’s be real- NO ONE likes having difficult conversations.  They can be awkward and uncomfortable, with high stakes and little expertise in having them.   And because we don’t like them, we either botch the delivery, get angry, or avoid...

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Is a need for validation affecting you?

By Roberto Giannicola, ACC   July 2004, San Francisco.  It’s lunch time. I’m ready to deliver my first workshop. In the audience, there are roughly fifteen friends and acquaintances here to support me. After twenty minutes, that support turned into pity. Almost...

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Essentials of Team Performance: Trust

(This is the first in a series of five articles about building high-performance teams.) Any leader who wants to create a high-performance team must begin with trust. Trust is the foundational behavior which enables the other four “cohesive” team behaviors — engaging...

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The Dark Side of Emotional Intelligence

By Nora Infante, PSYD   As a psychologist and executive coach,  I am as interested in what makes a leader fail as what makes her succeed.  There has been a lot of attention recently on emotional intelligence, not just in the field of leadership, but about life...

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