The Keys to Situational Leadership

By Plum Cluverius, MA/ABS, PCC   Have you ever been at a loss about how to approach an employee who isn’t performing the job satisfactorily?  If so, you’re not alone. I’ve coached dozens of leaders, including two clients this month, who are struggling to find the...

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Aligning Your Inner & Outer Worlds

By Steve Hansen, PCC   Jeff works for an international organization in its Americas division. Executive leadership sees him as a potential candidate for president of the division. As a further indication of that career path he was recently promoted to SVP and is...

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The Ideal Team Player

By Barb McAllister, M.S., MCC     Patrick Lencioni’s book “The Ideal Team Player,” presents an approach very useful for both team coaching and hiring.  I really like this book, in part because of the experiences I’ve had managing teams in a large...

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Never Enough Time

By Sheeba Varghese, PCC   There is just never enough time in the day at least that is what I hear all the time. Time management is a topic that is often the underlying stress for many in leadership. You become everything to everyone and there are so many things...

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Ranting Responsibly

By Neal Eisenstein, MBA   To get through the day, managers reconcile a cauldron of emotions about frustrating events.  These events typically involve direct reports or their next level down. When your people fail to communicate or follow through on commitments,...

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The Four Fundamentals of Leadership

By Laura Hansen, PCC     Just like a star athlete or a world class musician, leaders who want to develop must master the fundamentals of their craft, says The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), an international organization focused on research and...

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