How to Better Manage your Reactions

By Linda Bodnar, Ph.D., ACC   As we all know, IQ is not enough to make us successful as leaders.  Emotional intelligence (EQ) is key to being a great leader.  One aspect of EQ is self-management, which sometimes can be very difficult to accomplish! How often have...

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How Failure Can Help You Succeed

by Rachel Verlik, PCC   I was recently adjusting a fence gate at my home, and using some WD-40.  I became curious as to how this well-known, ubiquitous product got its name.  This solvent formula was successful on its 40th attempt – thus how it earned it’s name...

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10 Barriers to Listening

By Kelly Ross, PCC       Listening is a critical leadership skill.  Without listening we cannot be an effective leader.  While it seems easy to listen, there are many things that pull our attention away from the conversation in front of us. Here are ten...

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