Barbara McAllister, M.S., MCC

Executive Coach

Focus: Conflict Resolution, Navigating Change, Government, Work/Life Balance

Barb worked for twenty-six years in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in increasingly responsible management and leadership positions on both a National and Regional level. She won EPA’s Excellence in Management Award and was selected into the Senior Executive Service.

Since retiring from her government career and becoming a certified coach, Barb has applied her expertise to helping organizations navigate change and work through long standing conflicts. With a degree in psychology and certifications in mediation and Myers/Briggs, Barb is a guiding hand that can facilitate the most challenging conflicts and conversations with grace, diplomacy and courage. She has a unique ability to get individuals to shift from what they don’t want or like, to creating what they do want and achieving a win/win.

Barb has coached over 150 individuals in business and life. She has vast experience with executive clients, especially individuals in a midlife career transition, those who want to improve work/life balance, and ‘up and coming’ managers being groomed for higher leadership positions. She also coaches management teams leading change in business and government.

Barb enjoys hiking, yoga, and meditation. One of her most transformative life experiences was back packing solo 500 miles on the Camino.

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